Mar 15, 2019 · It’s unclear how much longer grocery stores and gas stations would have been able to offer 3.2 beer. Most states have loosened their laws. Minnesota and Utah are the only states left that still ...
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    - back story, I left my gas cap in Cheyenne at the station but didn’t realize it until a few hundred miles later. During this time the cruiser developed a cough at high speeds in 4th gear, anywhere from 50+ (will normally cruise 60 no problem with no wind or hills). I drove through some fog, heavy wind, and blowing snow at this time.

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    Drivers pass by gas prices that are displayed at Valero and 76 gas stations on Feb. 9, 2015 in San Rafael, Calif. ... A major drop-off in worldwide oil prices drove the four-month long decline.

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    The data only provided information for acute cases, though. We’ll have to wait for more concrete evidence if this applies to chronic cases. But for now, it’s comforting to hear that honey in cough drops does more than make them taste a little better.

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